Saturday, July 28, 2012

"What a difference a lay makes..."

I'm too much of a gentleman (i.e., "old fashioned")  to name names or go into details, but I've been humming the tune all day. You know the old standard that goes like this:

 "What a difference a day makes
There's a rainbow before me
Skies above can't be stormy
Since that moment of bliss, that thrilling kiss..."

Oh, wait - that says "What a difference a DAY makes".  Well that's still OK because it seems to me that a day that could make that kind of difference probably included a lay, too.  Well, I'll just let you listen to the song and judge for yourself.

Sure, she's singing "What a difference a day makes...", but you know there's more going on then just the passage of "twenty-four little hours".  That's what I'm talking about!  I suppose the song wouldn't have gotten much air play it the title had been "What a Difference a Lay Makes" - but I'm pretty sure that's the real sentiment Dinah is expressing, and all I can say is AMEN!

So, what a difference a lay makes, what a difference a day makes, whatever - today was a really good day!  Here's hoping for many more good days to come! (I'm pretty sure there's a pun in there somewhere, but I'm too tired to look for it).

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