Sunday, July 15, 2012

Jump on "The Night Train Show" with me

Every Saturday afternoon from 1:30 to 3:00 (Eastern Time) Bill Audette fires up The Night Train Show on WMPG Radio (90.9 FM/ to recreate the sound and feel of old-time rock and roll as it was played on AM radio stations across the country.  It's 90 minutes of pure nostalgia as The Night Train travels through time to the period of my formative years in the '50s, 60's and beyond (some might argue that I am still in my formative years, but I view that as a compliment as I hope I never grow "old").

Unfortunately for me, TNTS airs at a time when my work schedule makes it difficult to listen so I usually don't even try to tune the show in. Fortunately for me, and for everyone who has an interest in listening to Bill play the music and tell the history of rock and roll, Bill puts the show up on his website,, so anyone can listen to it at anytime that it's convenient.

I've started a Sunday tradition at my house:  I make a pot of coffee, bring the Sunday paper in, and fire up my media player to listen to Bill play his music and patter his chatter while I relax and take it all in. I always request a song or two by going to his website earlier in the week, and he always plays them - he even mentions the silly comments I often add about the memories that the music brings back to me.  I get a kick of hearing a shout-out on the radio, even if I'm listening to it all by myself a day later.

I'm telling you all this because I want you to climb on board The Night Train Show with me - you can get on wherever you are and whenever you want as the TNTS stops anywhere, anytime to pick up listeners for the ride.  And if you make a request before you get on board I'll bet you'll get a shout-out from Bill, too.  So whether you are in Saco, Maine, listening on the radio, or in Syracuse, Seattle or Singapore listening at or by downloading the show from the TNTS audio files, let's ride - we have some rock and roll to listen to!

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