Saturday, July 7, 2012

ACME Fan Club (Reinstated))

Andrea Carla Michaels is once again commenting on Rex Parker's blog on the NY Times crossword puzzle (oh, happy day!) and while it will be a while before her comments appear in the syndicated section, where I usually hang out, I want to celebrate her return with a post here. 

ACME, as she is affectionately known, is not without her detractors.  The most notorious among them, Evil Doug, seems to be withholding his fire but others seem compelled to launch missiles at her because of her indomitable cheery outlook on life and the NYT crossword puzzle.

I was prepared to provide a vigorous defence on her behalf but Andrea proved herself to be more than up to the task.  This is what she wrote in reply to the comments that were critical of her posts:

"I stand by everything i say, including my apologies!

I no more want jfc to be censored than I would want to be...
He shows himself daily for who he is, as, I hope, do I.

I do, however, want to offer my sincere apologies to the sweet folks who feel they have to waste their valuable, insightful, witty posts defending me against cranky acmehaters who seem to feel they are intimate enough with me to know what's in my heart and where I am in my menstrual cycle!"

I'm glad Andrea is back and I'm glad to see her sticking up for herself in the face of negative comments by folks who clearly have a chip on their shoulder.  Brava, Andrea, brava!

So the ACME Fan Club (members - 1) is open for business.  New members are welcome (membership is free) and comments from interested readers are encouraged.  But really, who can not love a woman like Andrea Carla Michaels (Eisenburg).

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  1. I never really had an opinion one way or another about ACME until her bullying comments towards the guest-blogger on July 4th, and then her snide reiteration of same on July 7th (and that was after her so-called apology).

    I remember ED poking her recently about her ego-surfing. At the time, I thought "Whoa! Where did THAT come from?," having never noticed any animosity between them before. I'm no fan of ED's, but ACME's protestations to the contrary notwithstanding (she was miffed that she wasn't "chosen" to guest-blog), he seems to be correct about her outsized ego.