Tuesday, July 17, 2012


(*Anybody But A Republican)

I opined here a while ago that the best thing that could happen for Maine would be for our lunatic governor, Paul LePage, to render himself irrelevant to the political process by sticking to his wacko Tea-Party principals (or is it "principles"? I'm never sure.) so the legislature could go about the business of passing necessary legislation without his participation or approval.  Well, the Governor has upheld his end of the bargain admirably, but the legislature has failed miserably.

To their credit, the legislature passed many bills intended to advance the interests of the citizens of Maine; many were passed with bipartisan support and by margins that were well in excess of the two-thirds majority necessary to override a gubernatorial veto.  And of course the vetos were forthcoming, because Governor LePage doesn't give a whit about the interests of the citizens of Maine (except the ones he likes).

But here's the thing:  when push (the veto) came to shove (the override vote), the republican members of the legislature caved - they put their party loyalty ahead of their loyalty to the interests of Maine's citizens, including its neediest ones.  Legislators who voted for the legislation when they were for it decided they were really against it when it came time to override "their" governor - party loyalty, and all that.

So this fall I will be voting ABAR - Democrat, Green Party, hell even Socialist Party, I'm voting for them.  LePage gets 38% of the popular vote and Republicans don't dare to vote to override his veto of bills passed with overwhelming bipartisan support?  Give me a freakin' break!

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