Tuesday, August 21, 2012

The Local Nut Telegraph

Jimmy Buffett wrote and performed a song about how juicy information, gossip and other items of interest are disseminated in the islands. It's called "Coconut Telegraph" and part of it goes like this: 

"The jungle drums are beating
With the tales from late last night
Cause stories bear repeating
For everyones delight

You can hear em on the coconut telegraph (telegraph)
Cant keep nothin under their hat
You can hear em on the coconut telegraph (telegraph)
Sayin who did dis and dat
Dis and dat, dis and dat"

And the other day, possibly after a beer or three, it occurred to me that the same kind of thing happens in Dirigonzo's Place - when I come upon something that I think bears repeating, all of it stuff about dis and dat, for sure - I fire up the internet machine and crank out a post for the anyone on the world wide web to read.  It's not exactly the Coconut Telegraph since there's no jungle drums involved, and besides that name belongs to someone else, but I think there's enough similarity to dub such posts the "Local Nut Telegraph" if only to emphasize the fact that nothing written here should be taken too seriously. 

Another Jimmy Buffett song includes the line, "Don't ever forget that you just may wind up in my song", and if you change "song" to "blog" that becomes pretty good advice to anyone who may decide to share a personal story with me because sometimes I just can't resist the temptation to spread the news for everyones' delight. So Andrea shared a video with me, you can see it here; Jan told me about her experience at Woodstock, that's way too interesting to keep to myself!; jarhead 1982 replied to a comment I made about a newspaper article with a totally over-the-top rant on the evils of gun control, you bet I'm going to post that.  I can't be expected to keep interesting stuff like that to myself, can I?

Since you've read this far I'll reward your persistence (but not your judgment which apparently is not very good) with the real reason that I posted this piece to begin with - a clip of Jimmy singing about the Coconut Telegraph:

It's Tuesday in Dirigonzo's Place and there's not much going on...

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