Tuesday, August 7, 2012

par-a-noi-a (noun)

"A nondegenerative, limited, usually chronic psychosis characterized by delusions of persecution..., strenuously defended by the afflicted with apparent logic and reason."

Recently there was a "Maine Voices" column in the local paper titled, "It will take community to sove problem of gun violence".  The gist of the piece was that we as a nation need to form a community of people who join their efforts in "common cause" to address the problem of gun violence in America.  He did not advocate for repeal of the second amendment nor did he promote limits on ownership of guns for legal purposes, but he did suggest that some reasonable restrictions on firearms, possibly including registration, might be helpful in reducing gun violence.

Maybe he's right, maybe he's wrong - I don't know, but I thought his column was a well-written and rational statement of his point of view, so I went to the paper's on-line site to leave a comment telling him so.  I rightfully anticipated there would be a lot of comments in opposition to his ideas and I wanted him to know that there is some support for his premise that the community needs to come together to address the problem.  Here is what I wrote:

"Robert, thank you for expressing your point of view so rationally and eloquently. There are many who agree and will join with you in "common cause", they are just not apparent among the commenters here."

And my comment quickly brought this reply from "jarhead 1982":

"Yeah, Robert, we support the 1st amendment also, as shown how we never tell anyone they can not speak their opinion,
....even those promoting a pathological lie that gun control reduces violence
.., or the pathological lie that the 80 mil law abiding gun owners are responsible for all the violence instead of US govt acknowledgement that career crimnals, gang members, and suciiders cobimned kill more than 92% using a firearm illegaly each year
... or the lie that the BATF actually enforces the existing gun control laws rather than let 1.83 mil felons and crazies and such go free without prosecution when caught attempting to buy from a licensed source since 1994
....or the lie that police can protect you as the courts have ruled dozens of times they cant, and the police only solve on avg 8.06% of all the violent crimes committed
....or the lie that cpl licensee's are more dangerous than a trip to the 700k doctors who are more likely to kill 12,000 to 25,000 than the 8 mil cpl licensee's
....or the lie that that the 5th amednment does not exist and felons are affected by the 85% of gun control laws that do affect their 5th amendment right of no self incrimination Hayns ve US 390, 85, 1968
....or all the other pathological lies the insane mythomaniacs like you spew.
...or the pathological lie that an inanimate object has supernatural powers to load, aim, and fire itself
...or the pathological lie that an inanimate object has the advanced supernatural powers to use its voice to command a person near it to commit violence, thankfully, most of those who believe that are locked up for public safety for being the loveable violent schizophrenics they are.
...or the pathological lie that a gun never works to provide self defense, uh see Shoneys Aliston AL 1991, Pearl High School 1997, Appalachian Law School 2002, Trolley SQ Shopping Mall 2007, New Life Church CO 2007, College Station Georgia 2009, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc...
No we respect your rights, unlike you in your primal sadomasochistic need to dominate and tell everyone else what they can or can not do because of your unsubstnatiated, internalized fears of how violent a girly girl like you would be were you to be armed.
Instead you continue to infer that the armed law abiding civilian is your so called adult version of the mythical boogeyman, a childhood fantasy. A boogeyman you cant articulate how they are so scarey, where all those evil boogeymen are who commit these make believe crime you are afraid of, it is rather pathetic.
Oh so many more examples validated by GOVERNMENT DATA that not one single anti has been able to refute.
Yeah, calling a litany of pathological lies common sense, and you wonder why we refuse to debate much less compromise on a belief, a belief based on a pathological lie that gun control reduces violence.
No, we wont debate theoretical pathological lies as comon sense, we ridicule and ignore them as that is all such mentally ill drug induced fantasies are worthy of."

That, my friends, is the very definition of paranoia, and it is a paranoia that is constantly fueled and reinforced by well-heeled interest groups, the NRA and ALEC being chief among them, who represent the corporate giants who make billions of dollars from the manufacture and sale of firearms.

I hope the community can come together to address the problem of gun violence in America, but don't expect any participation from the likes of jarhead 1982 - they're too busy worrying about a plot to take all of their guns away from them.

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