Saturday, August 18, 2012

The Governor has a plan

Hey there Dirigonzo fans, Ethan Williams here with my very first solo post on a topic of interest to all Maine citizens:  the Governor's "secret plan" that will cure all of the state's fiscal problems for the next ten years. 

Of course the major problem with the plan is the "secret" part - he won't say what it is or how it will help solve our fiscal woes.  In fact, all he will say is that "Republicans will have to do it on their own."  And then, just to make sure there's no possibility of any "bipartisan" buy-in, he adds, "I think we can get it done in about a day, and the Democrats, if you think they hate me now...Wow".

So there you have it - our Governor no longer even pretends to represent all of the citizens of the state, he now self-avowedly represents only those whose interests align with his, which he apparently has defined to mean "Republicans". 

So here's what I want to know: why would any elected official, especially the chief executive of a state, engage in such divisive speech?  Is it possible that our Governor, who was elected with a plurality vote of 38% of the electorate, doesn't give a shit about the 62% who didn't vote for him?

Seriously, have we reached a state where a Governor elected by about a third of the popular vote can dictate policy without even saying what that policy is, and we are just expected to think that is OK, because he's the Governor?  I don't think so, and I hope you don't. either.

I'm Evan Williams and I approved this post, and I think Dirigonzo will, too, when he sobers up and reads it in the morning.

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