Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Andrea Carla Michaels - Live, In-Person!

Readers know that I am a huge fan of Andrea Carla Michaels (nee: Eisenberg) (ACME), but heretofore the basis for my adoration came primarily from reading her posts on Rex Parker's blog, doing the crossword puzzles that she constructed, and exchanging a few emails with her.

Today, thanks to Andrea herself, I have yet another reason to know that she is truly the woman I love most but have never met - she sent me a link to a youtube video of her doing a brief stand-up comedy routine, and it is remarkable for all the reasons that Andrea is remarkable.

The first being that she chose to share it with me.  I don't harbor any illusions that I am the only person she included when she sent the link out but I am truly honored to be among those she thought of when deciding who she wanted to see it.  Okay, maybe she just sent it out to a mailing list that I happen to be on, but just let me indulge my fantasy, will you?

Then there's the video.  This is not just a comedienne standing up in front of a crowd, telling stories to get a few laughs.  This is someone who is sharing an intimate part of her life, her relationship with her mother, with a group of strangers and getting some laughs in the telling.  But the story isn't just funny, it has a message, a lesson that the audience ( and now you, too) can use to improve their own relationships, be it with their mothers or anybody else.  Really, "I'm sorry your upset, what can I do to help?" is a great way to respond to just about any situation when someone is being emotional with you.  I'm certain that I'll be using it a lot from now on.  And I didn't even have to pay the price of admission to the show to get that valuable advice!

And finally, there's Andrea herself.  How can you watch her natural manner, hear her obvious love for life and those around her, see the passion that she has for entertaining people, and not love her?  You can't, or at least I can't.  Andrea still is and will always be "the woman I love most from 3000 miles away and five weeks in the past".

(Did I mention that she's pretty easy on the eyes, too?)
So without further ado here she is, LIVE AND IN-PERSON (brought to you by youtube, courtesy of Andrea herself) - ANDREA CARLA MICHAELS - enjoy!:

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