Monday, June 25, 2012

Time Warped Insight

My view of the New York Times crossword puzzle and all things related to it is seen through a lens that distorts time in funny ways.  Monday through Friday I am seeing puzzles that originally appeared five weeks earlier; on Sunday I am only a week behind and on Saturday, when my local paper doesn't publish the puzzle, I have to buy the NYT and solve in "real time".  I know it would be less confusing and cheaper just to subscribe to the puzzle on-line and solve the same day it appears, but I kind of like my view of things from the slow lane.

My time travel can sometimes produce a view of events which is out of sequence with when they actually occurred, hence the "time warp" that affects my perception of what is going on.  I have previously written here about the departure of ACME from Rex Parker's blog, a development that I learned about in real time but will not read the details until five weeks after the event.   Well, I now have some good news to report: this past Saturday, June 23, ACME was BACK!  She wrote a long comment about the puzzle and seemed to be her old self, with no ill-effects from her absence.  She did not comment on the Sunday puzzle from the prior weekend (June 17) so it would appear, based on this totally time-warped perspective, that sometime during the week of June 18, ACME returned to Rexville and the sun is shining brightly there again. Or so it would seem.

I cannot imagine any puzzle-related development that could make me happier.

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