Monday, June 11, 2012

Ghost Face

"Ghost face" is not a phrase that comes readily to mind for me.  It's certainly "in the language" of usable phrases, but not very common in my experience.  Until today.

This morning I drove a van of veterans to the VA Center at Togus, and the vet sitting in the back seat, directly in my line of vision in the rear view mirror, was busy applying some kind of white cream to his face.  I don't know if it was face cream, zinc oxide, or some other substance but the effect was to give his face the appearance of a ghost - completely white except for the eyes, which remained dark circles. The countenance in my rear view mirror had the appearance of a Halloween mask - a "ghost face".

Eventually he removed the cream, or covered it up possibly, but either way by the time we arrived at Togus he had resumed a more or less normal facial appearance and I didn't give the incident any more thought.

Later in the day I was solving the NY Times  (syndicated) crossword puzzle and came across this clue: "Rapper who came to prominence as a member of the Wu-Tang Clan", which was totally meaningless to me.  And the answer was a grid-spanning 15 letters so I knew that I would need a lot of crosses to get the answer (or I could "google", but what's the fun in that?).  And eventually as I filled in the down answers and the rapper's name came into view, I was surprised and just a little spooked by the solution: GHOSTFACEKILLAH.

Coincidence, synchronicity, or whatever you call it - having "ghost face" come up twice in one day, in totally unrelated situations, is just plain weird.

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