Tuesday, June 5, 2012

ACME Fan Club (Syndicated Chapter) - Final Installment

Most of what I know about Andrea I learned from her posts on Rex Parker's blog, and of course as a "syndicated solver" I read her comments 5 weeks after she wrote them.  This time warp can be significant.

Yesterday I read her  comment from April 31, in which she described her recent discovery of some childhood treasures that she thought had been lost forever. I wanted to tell her how happy I was for her that she had recovered those items and all the happy memories associated with them, so I sent her an email.  And she replied (she is always gracious enough to reply) from a McDonald's - in Sydney, Australia!

Is the term "jet-setter" still in use?  Yes, I see it is - according to Urban Dictionary, the first definition is: "A person who travels to numerous places around the world to places that other people always want to go but never do."  (Please do NOT look up the second definition!)  So I think we can add that to the list of qualities that make her so endearing. Not so much just because she travels to far away places, but she seems genuinely happy to hear from an admirer like me no matter where she happens to be!

But - and here's the sad part - she ended her reply with the news that she is no longer commenting on Rex Parker's blog.  I've already commented on her reasons and my feelings about them in another post, so I'll just report the fact of her departure from Rexville and leave it at that.  And of course her departure from the blog effectively closes my window on her world, time-warped though it may have been.    Without the little insights into her life that I was able to glean from her posts I'll have no way of staying up to date (or 5 weeks behind) on events in her life and so will have no basis for further updates to her fan club (syndicated chapter).  Unless, of course, she changes her mind - hey, a guy can hope can't he?!

Sometime in the next 5 weeks I'll read ACME's final comment to Rexville and I know I will be very sad - I suspect the rest of the community will be (or more accurately, was), too.

So it's time to say "Goodbye" to the ACME fan club (syndicated chapter), and here's what I came up with when I googled "Goodbye video" (it seems appropriate):


  1. Hi Diri: Tis a sad day indeed, when we no longer get to read our cheerful, funny story telling, insightful ACME.
    I had a feeling this might happen, and it makes me mad: Rex for not putting a stop to the nasty ED onslought, and ED for pushing his insidious PC, holier than thou infractions on the undeserving.
    I cringed at the back and forth between the two but frankly, ED does a good job of pushing the "react" button.
    I notice that our he-man hasn't posted as well.....
    I, like just about everyone who blogs on Rex, have always admired the "civility" - even when disagreements get heated. I know I lost "it" with Ed when I thought he went way over-board on the blog with his sexual wink- wink yuck fest - (and this coming from someone who doesn't even blink at that stuff). He came back with a pretty spiffy response; well thought out and written, and so his admirers rode to his rescue.
    I read all you syndies when I get the Email returns. Sometimes I miss all of you if I don't post. Anyway, I'm glad the numbers have increased and that you all enjoy each other. I'm seriously thinking of jumping this ship and joining the bird watching, cold weather enduring star watchers....
    Stay happy...Gill I.P..

    1. "I'm seriously thinking of jumping this ship and joining the bird watching, cold weather enduring star watchers...." I hadn't thought of us in just those terms, but yes it does seem many of the current syndi crowd could be described this way. And if you choose to rejoin us you would be a most welcome addition to our little community.

      "Stay(ing) happy" is what I do - I hope you will do the same.

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  3. Funny - I have most definitely noticed that ACME has not been posting lately, and wondered what was up. Until I came here, I had NOT noticed that ED has been absent too. I think that is pretty telling.

    I've met Andrea (at ACPT), and she is as sweet and inclusive in person as she is in the blogosphere. I really miss her! It was a pleasure learning about constructing from her. I've learned to look at puzzles in a whole new light, and discover cool things about them. I love reading her writeups.

    As for ED, he embodies, and gives outlet to, the most puerile among us. That's not necessarily a bad thing. Sure, everyone likes some good 3rd-grade humor once in a while.
    He could, in fact, be hilarious.

    But he is just so bloody pushy about it - hey, ED, you don't have to be quite so obvious! You're funny, scathing, and insightful. Ain't that enough?
    Personally, I don't need quite as much tittering over fart jokes, but I was fine with the democratic nature of Rexville, with room for folks I don't always agree with.

    Not letting go on the what should have been "just" a kerfuffle, that was plain stupid.

    As to Rex, it has seemed to me in the time I've become a daily reader that he is pretty much hands-off. It's extremely rare that he chimes in. OK, fine - the rest of the commenters are a huge reason why I am there. But agree with you, Dirigonzo, that it woulda been nice had he refereed...He wouldn't even half to take sides - just stop the BS.

    Thanks for posting about this here. Can we vote Andrea back onto the island??

  4. @Tita, thanks for stopping by! I devoted another post to ACME's departure (There is no joy in Rexville) and a while back I recorded my thoughts concerning ED's behavior on the blog, so I really don't have a lot more to say on the topic.

    But as to voting Andrea back onto the island, I think that's a great idea! How do we go about doing that? You have some contacts in Rexville, can you get something started? I'll do whatever I can to help the effort along.