Thursday, April 5, 2012

T. rex was warm and fuzzy?

OK, here's the latest scoop on Tyrannosaurus Rex (according to the AP, anyway): a new tyrannosaur species that lived 60 million years before T. rex has been unearthed in northeastern China (of course), but here's the thing - it was apparently covered in fluffy down. The freakin' thing had feathers! They have named the critter "Yutyrannus huali", a blend of Latin and Mandarin which translates to "beautiful feathered tyrant".

The thinking is, since T. rex is related to this new found feathery species, chances are good that T. rex was feathered as well. So if this new theory is correct it means that T. rex was not the scaly skinned monster as depicted in "Jurassic Park" and countless other sci-fi movies that sought to scare the bejeezus out of us with "realistic" images of prehistoric creatures. But the scientists who claim to know about these things assure us that the possibility of T. rex having feathers "doesn't make it less threatening or less fearsome".

But still, doesn't a fuzzy T. rex sound almost cuddly? Even one of the scientists who announced the discovery said it would be like touching "long, thick fur". Doesn't that sound like a pet you might name "Fluffy"?

I think they should remake "Jurassic Park" to reflect this new discovery and correct the image of T.rex as a scary, scaly monster and update the imagery to depict this new warmer, fuzzier critter.

I'm not sure how this affects our perception of Godzilla - I'm still having a hard time picturing him with feathers.


  1. Yeah. Is that weird or what? It seems like we regularly get new discoveries which go against what the last ones have posited. Misinformation abounds and people believe things like broccoli or monkey feces will cure cancer and that T-rex had scales. Oh what are we to believe?

    (submitted tongue in cheek)

    I think I'll call you Dear Gonzo as it's easier to remember and spell and it better describes you.

    And if you see this then I have passed the robot test.

    1. @survivor maam - "Dear Gonzo" - I'll take that as a compliment, and I love it! And I find, too, that life is easier with one's tongue planted firmly in cheek.

      Happy April holiday, whatever and however you celebrate!