Saturday, April 7, 2012

Stood up, let down and left broken hearted

Ok, I won't go into all the pathetic details but the title phrase, in addition to being a really cool suggestion for a song title (Jimmy Buffett, take notice), pretty much sums up the results of my search for a "meaningful relationship" over the last couple of years. Maybe, as another song title suggests, I'm "looking for love in all the wrong places".

Just to be clear, I am not looking for another wife (I have already had more than enough, thank you) or even a "long term relationship" in the usual sense of that term. I already have a life that fills most of my needs - I have my own home, enough outside interests to occupy my spare time, and a bunch of pets who love me and need me. What's missing is a similarly situated woman who has a life of her own but who understands that these things are complemented and enhanced by the inclusion of someone - a "soul mate", if you will - to share the joy of a good life. Someone who knows that time spent together and time spent apart are both necessary components of a good life.

"Friend with benefits" doesn't quite capture what I am looking for only because that description seems a little too casual. I want a committed, exclusive relationship (and yes, we are definitely talking about sex here) but not a "24/7" one that a lot of women seem to expect. I'm looking for more of a "let's get together when it's good for both of us" kind of situation. Your place, my place, someplace in between - it depends on the circumstances. Unusual I know, but I'm sure there is a woman out there who wants the same thing.

So there it is. If this sounds like a post on an on-line dating website, well maybe it is - if you happen to be someone, or know someone, who is looking to get involved with a 65 year old guy, subject to the qualifications cited, then please contact me. But remember, I have already been "stood up, let down and left broken hearted", so if you can't do any better than that, please don't reply.


  1. Aaaah dear Gonzo. I think your wish list makes wonderful sense and there must be women (at least one or two) out there who are mature, confident and self reliant enough to want that same kind of relationship. You just need to connect with one. If I knew one on your side of the continent I would introduce you. Don't despair and good luck.

    1. Thank you for your words of encouragement, and fear not, "despair" is not something I do (at least not yet).