Wednesday, April 18, 2012

It's really very simple

I occasionally rant here about the state of the economy in general and the unfairness of our current economic policies, which greatly favor the rich over the rest of us, in particular. I've offered my personal opinion as to why we have arrived at this junction and I've even offered up a conspiracy theory or two. But I haven't offered any constructive ideas for how to get out of the mess we are in - I'd like to correct that oversight with this post.

I think the solution to our economic woes is very simple, because the cause of the problem is very simple. I'm no economist but Robert Reich is, and the explanation he provides is so simple that even I can understand it - and it even has visual aids!

That short video elucidates exactly my thoughts on the economy, the cause of the crisis, and what we can do to fix it. The middle class, and that certainly includes me and probably you too, is the heart of the economic engine that drives the economy, so to move the economy forward we have to restore the the health of the middle class, and the way to do that is to elect officials at all levels who support the interests of the middle class over those of the ultra-wealthy. If we elect representatives who will pass legislation to restore the middle class, and install chief executives who will sign it, the economic recovery will be assured.

So starting with the upcoming presidential election, decide who will advance ideas and support legislation that will restore the middle class, and vote accordingly. If you are having trouble deciding on a candidate, let me offer one helpful hint: anyone who has taken a "no tax increase on anyone, ever" pledge is not a part of the solution - they are a part of the problem.

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