Friday, March 16, 2012

"Supplements, Suppositories and Shakespeare"

The title of this post is an honest-to-God not made up by me headline of an article in "Senior News", a newspaper published by the Southern Maine Agency on Aging. I do some volunteer work for them so I receive their monthly paper as a "perk".

I have no idea what the article was about - I didn't want to ruin my enjoyment of the headline by finding out it dealt with some mundane topic like "ways to avoid depression as you age", or some such drivel. I mean, with a headline like that the article could go any number of interesting ways - if it had appeared in just about any other publication it would have riveted my attention and forced me to read what the writer had to say.

Maybe I should have read the article, and maybe I wouldn't have been disappointed but I'm not willing to take a chance of spoiling my sheer joy, my total love of the phrase "Supplements, Suppositories and Shakespeare" to risk associating it with something less awesome than the image it conjures up for me.

Jimmy Buffett is 65 years old - I'll bet he could write a fantastic song with that title. Dave Barry would probably say it would be a terrific name for a rock band. I just know it deserves a better fate than to headline a story in a paper for us "senior citizens".

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