Sunday, March 18, 2012

Nakedivity 2012

Yesterday was St. Patrick's Day and that means that the vernal equinox, which ushers in Spring here in the northern hemisphere, is still a few days away. But you certainly wouldn't know that by the day we experienced here on the 43rd parallel today.

Whenever it's warm enough to sit out on the deck on a Sunday morning it's my custom to take my coffee and the paper outside to enjoy the sunshine and fresh air, and today was such a day. By mid-morning the sun was high enough to raise the temps to a tolerable level so I ventured out, fully clothed. But as I sat there reading the paper and sipping my coffee I began to feel too warm, so I shed a layer of clothes (it's still winter in Maine, so I had multiple layers on). And a while later, as I was in the direct sun and sheltered from the breeze, another layer had to go. And so it went until all I had on was my baseball cap and sunglasses - nakedivity had been achieved for the first time in 2012!

By the time I started on the crossword puzzle it was after noon, so it didn't seem unreasonable to enjoy a glass of Guiness, which I had left over from yesterday's celebration of all things Irish. When I had completed the puzzle and finished my third and last glass of beer the deck was in the shadow of the house and the temperature had started to drop, so it was time to don my layers of clothes and move back inside. All good things come to an end, but today was not the end of nakedivity for 2012 - it was just the beginning.

I can hardly wait for Spring to arrive!

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