Tuesday, March 27, 2012

ACME for Mayor

It's been way too long since I, as founder and self-appointed president of the ACME Fan Club (syndicated chapter), have offered a post dedicated to the object of my adoration, Andrea Carla Michaels (Eisenberg). I would like to correct that oversight here and now.

I've complained here recently about a change in the atmosphere of Rexville, the virtual community that has formed around the blog that Rex Parker writes about the NYT Crossword puzzle. While I still maintain that major change (I don't like change) is afoot in the community, there is one aspect that remains constant - ACME continues to be positive, upbeat and uniformly entertaining. Andrea, it seems, never met a puzzle she didn't like and when our host, Rex, pans one she is quick to rise to defend it. Here's an example of a recent comment about a puzzle that Rex actually liked: "So glad @rex thought this was nice, or i was going to have to fly across the country to kick him(lightly) in the shins, because i think this puZzle is FANTASTIC!" She then went on for several paragraphs in praise of the puzzle and it's construction, and included an additional 33 exclamation points to show the level of enthusiasm of her love (a subsequent commenter remarked that this was a new record on the Acme Exclamation Point Scale). ACME is nothing if not passionate about crossword puzzle construction. And as the maven of early week puzzles, the Queen of Mondays, she knows whereof she speaks.

I wrote recently about a void that seems to exist in terms of leadership in the comments section of Rexville, and I would like to suggest a solution. ACME should be proclaimed the dominant voice of the community - she is already well-loved and respected, and I think most (but not all) of the Rexites would welcome her positive outlook and technical knowledge of puzzle construction as a keystone to set the tone for the comments section on a daily basis. I'm confident that under her loving and benign guidance the community would regain its sense of shared enjoyment, which seems to be lacking lately.

So I hereby nominate ACME to be Mayor of Rexville, endowed with all of the privileges and respect attendant to that high office and charged with the duty and responsibility to maintain an overall positive and upbeat morale among the population. Her credentials are impeccable and her attitude is unmatched in enthusiasm and positive outlook - who better to guide a discussion among cruciverbalists who, like the girls in the Cyndi Lauper song, just want to have fun?

Will anyone second the motion?

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