Thursday, December 20, 2012

"Your proposal is acceptable"

I admit my nerves are more than a little frayed by the latest incidence of mass murder using firearms, this one targeting school-age children for crissake, which are inevitably followed by pronouncements from the NRA that "guns are not the problem".  Some say that this time is different, that the age of the victims and the atrocity of the act have changed the dialogue concerning gun control and this time we will see meaningful regulations to rein in the gun-related violence that has plagued our nation for so long.  To which I say, "We'll see"; consider this headline from today's news: "Gun lobbyists [that would be the NRA] plan media push after Newtown massacre" - I'm willing to bet they will not be calling for any restrictions on the "absolute right" to own guns, including those that qualify as weapons of mass destruction.

But maybe the cold-blooded murder of 20 elementary school children and several of their teachers was a cataclysmic event that will awaken the American public of the need to stand up to the gun lobby once and for all and demand an end to the unfettered access to the means of inflicting such violence - because let's face it, the politicians won't do anything until we make them do it.

Here's an illustration of the kind of cataclysm I'm talking about and how it might affect the dialogue:
I'm sure you already get the symbolism, but Edgar who is obviously used to having his way with everything, represents the NRA and his proposal is totally acceptable to an American public that is sick and tired of being told, "You can have my gun when you pry it from my cold, dead fingers".  I hope the NRA is in for as bad a day, metaphorically speaking of course, as Edgar experienced in this clip.  I'm not sure what the sugar water represents but it's pretty funny so I left it in.

Here's the key scene again in case you missed it (and because it's so much fun to watch):

Can you "Imagine all the people" rising up against gun violence?  That would be a very bad day for the NRA and a very good day for the children of the world. John Lennon, who (unironically) lost his life to a gunman in a senseless act of violence, had this to say (and it gives me hope):

Please call your elected representatives and tell them we've had enough gun violence and you want them to do something to stop it! And if they don't, vote the cowards out because really, guns are the problem, or at least a big part of it, and we need to do something about them.

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  1. After I posted this piece the NRA came forward with their solution to the problems posed by guns in America: more guns. This proposal is clearly NOT ACCEPTABLE, but I didn't really expect anything different from the gun lobby.