Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Guns don't kill people...

...they just make it really easy for people to do it.

...bullets do, but that seems like a distinction without a difference.

...unless of course they discharge accidentally and the gun owner dies.

...but if you are in front of one when it goes off chances are you're going to be dead anyway.

...but if they don't, why are they called "lethal force"?

...and neither do IEDs - but don't tell that to anyone who has served in Iraq or Afghanistan.

...and the ones that hold a lot of rounds don't kill them even faster.

...and the Pope isn't Catholic and bears don't shit in the woods.

Anyone, specifically including Wayne LaPierre of the NRA, who honestly believes that guns don't kill people should have his second amendment right to bear arms revoked on grounds of sheer stupidity or lack of mental competence.  A gun will kill a person quickly and efficiently as will any weapon of war - killing, in the final analysis, is what they are for and to deny that fact is either dishonest or ignorant, because the evidence is clear and overwhelming: guns DO kill people.

If we could agree on this one simple fact maybe the conversation as to what to do to reduce gun-related deaths in America could move forward. Maybe we could agree that guns aren't the whole problem but they are certainly part of the problem - would that be a reasonable starting point?

Because really - we have to do something to reduce the gun-related violence that is inflicted on innocent citizens in this country.  Does anyone have a problem with that?

OK, one final time: Guns don't kill people...

...but rappers do.

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