Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Here's something I don't understand

Any nation* that allowed its officials to engage in widespread sexual abuse of minors and then took every possible action to conceal the crimes or to protect the perpetrators would be instantly condemned by the international community, with the USA leading the chorus.

Any nation* that restricted  the rights of women to participate in its government at the highest levels and limited their ability to have any say its national policies would be decried in the United Nations, and I'm sure the USA would introduce a resolution condemning the human rights violations and imposing sanctions until they stop.

Any nation* that dictates to its citizens what birth control they can, or more accurately cannot, use, how to think on issues like gay rights, and what services they can (or again, cannot) obtain from their health care provider would be denounced as a suppressive regime and the USA would at least withhold all foreign aid until the suppression stopped.

Any nation* that punished a segment of its society for "worrying too much about the poor and not enough about abortion and gay marriage" (to quote from a recent column by Nicholas Kristoff who writes for the New York Times) would surely draw disdain from more enlightened societies around the world, most assuredly including the USA.

So why, I wonder, is it OK when a Papacy does all of these things?

*Excluding members of OPEC

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