Wednesday, May 16, 2012

ACME Fan Club (Syndicated chapter) Update

It's been a while since I devoted a post to the woman I love from 5 weeks back and 3000 miles away, Andrea Carla Michaels (nee Eisenberg) - ACME.  I would like to correct this oversight by reproducing here a comment she made on today's (in syndicated time) New York Times crossword puzzle; it will give you some indication as to why I love this woman so much:
acme 7:38 PM

After many many many years of therapy and studying psychology for a time, I feel like I can attest to the fact that we totally view the world through our own take and color it and project it to match our individual "personalities" regardless of the environment we've been brought up in.
We can, however, modify, adapt, learn strategies to cope, surfacely change to ward off ill-consequences, etc. but i'm in the camp to think we are pretty hardwired and everyone filters whatever thru whatever prism.

So, @Tobias, don't mean to break your heart...I am not against sports, never have been...I'm against all-male clubs, assumptions about what is knowledge, obscurities where enlightenment exists, exclusion, and having to bump up against others' undealt with issues on a daily basis!

I applaud people like @foodie trying to understand the very root of cognitive processes so self-destructive or depressive behavior can be lessened...and suffering alleviated.

Having studied with BF Skinner, who unfortunately used his little time left on earth to chase me and other female students around a desk, (causing me to abandon thoughts of graduate school and graduate without honors in my department), I'm more Jungian than Freudian, and more Lennonesque than McCartneyed...
"Love love love, love is all you need...(and a puzzle with a nice theme!)"
How can you not love someone who can bring that much insight into the human condition to a discussion about a crossword puzzle?! And lest you think I am the only one who feels this way, please consider this comment from @foodie (who describes herself as "a neuroscientist who studies how the brain encodes and controls emotions and moods.":

"foodie 10:03 PM

@andrea said "everyone filters whatever thru whatever prism." I like this. I have not used the prism concept but it's really a good way to put it.

Yes, that Skinner story is pretty upsetting. I'm glad such behavior has become clearly unacceptable, though I wonder how many lives it has changed.

Still, Andrea, I definitely see how you use your native intelligence and perceptiveness coupled with your training in psychology in so many ways... from your sense of what is funny, to writing critiques that are substantive and thought-provoking yet kind, constructive and hilarious, to your creativity in naming. I watched you help my daughter in a naming challenge, and that was actually quite amazing to witness. You elicit so much by asking strategic questions and being both engaged and yet not controlling! You allow people to make their own discoveries. To me, that's the ultimate in generosity."

So you see, I'm not the only one smitten by Andrea's charm, and this is just one of many comments I could pluck from the posts on any given day.  I ask again, how can you not love this woman?

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