Thursday, June 2, 2011

Andrea Carla Michaels Eisenberg (ACME) Fan Club

I've never met Andrea Carla Michaels (nee Eisenberg), but I think she is a woman I could love.

I first encountered her when I started frequenting a blog, Rex Parker Does the NYT Crossword Puzzle, where she frequently posts comments and occasionally fills in for the host. As I read the comments each day I began to notice that hers always stood out as witty, upbeat, often funny and always insightful. And it was apparent that she had many fans among the other posters, too, as there were frequent comments on what @acme had said and even worried queries if she failed to show up on any given day. This, I thought, is someone special.

I continued to admire @acme from afar as I followed the blog, but I couldn't exchange comments with her because I solve puzzles and go to the blog 5 weeks after the puzzle originally appeared in the NYT. Then one day she revealed her email address and I seized on it as an opportunity to contact her just to tell her how much I enjoyed her posts. And she replied! She not only answered my email but she sent a gracious and expansive reply that made me feel she really appreciated hearing from me! It was unexpected but I now understand it was typical Andrea - she genuinely likes people and loves interacting with them.

Since then I've learned quite a lot more about ACME and the more I know the more I love her. And it seems from everything that I have read and observed that she has the same effect on most people - to know Andrea is to love her. So I am here and now officially designating myself as founder and president of the ACME Fan Club - I am sure that all who know her will be eager to join!

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