Monday, January 7, 2013

Happy birthday to the KING of Rock 'n' Roll

January 8, 2013 marks 78 years since the birth of Elvis Presley. I might not have remembered this fact if my radio friend, Bill Audette, the old time rebel of rock 'n' roll, had not done a special tribute to the King and his music this morning on WMPG radio with a special edition of The Night Train Show.
I grew up in the very early days of rock 'n' roll - Elvis singing 'Hound Dog' is pretty much my earliest recollection of hearing music that was different from the music my parents listened to - and I liked it!  So I called Bill and asked him to play it, and of course he did, and oh so much more!

Bill played 2 1/2 hours of all Elvis hits, near-hits and long-forgotten tracks.  I thought I knew pretty much every song Elvis ever recorded but Bill rooted out some I had never even heard of - and they were all great!  Whether you are an ardent Elvis fan (who isn't?) or never heard of him (what planet have you been living on?) you have to listen to this tribute, because if you are already a fan it will remind you just how great the King was, and if you are not already an Elvis fan this will make you one.  The show is in two parts and here they are:
Tribute to Elvis - part 1
Tribute to Elvis - part 2

And just so you can see what all the hoopla was about, here's a video of Elvis doing 'Hound Dog' on the Milton Berle Show in 1956 (my, how the times have changed!)


  1. Diri: That was fun and I didn't even need a Zin to watch. I was sorta out of the loop during Elvis days. All I remember was my grandmother telling me that Ed Sullivan wouldn't show him from the hip down because what he did "down there" made the girls scream!!!

    1. Oh right, you're too young to remember Elvis. I'm glad you had fun anyway, and thanks for stopping by.